Founded in 1986, the QUIGG brand is built on Robert Quigg’s extraordinary vision and personal passion for excellence, creating greatness, and changing communities to better reflect those in which he would like to live.  As the market leader in luxury real estate, QUIGG does not shy away from reimagining homes and communities and will never do something just because it’s the way it’s always been done.  Rather, it is precisely the creative process and design expression that leads the development of QUIGG homes and communities.  This means that the individuality of each property is not only embraced, but celebrated.  Indeed, our bespoke designs give careful consideration to each property’s specific location, surroundings and history while seamlessly marrying aesthetic and function to allow homeowners to breathe a sigh of relief upon entering.

By creating these Centerpiece Homes, QUIGG seeks to enrich the lives of the most sophisticated homeowners who understand and appreciate intrinsic value. All QUIGG homes, regardless of size, style, location or price-point are governed by a common theme: simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


“We’ve found over the years that our homes are centerpiece homes.
They’re the homes that clients talk about. A place of self. A place to come home to.”