Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Los Angeles Real Estate

June 11, 2018
  1. The United States is the world’s largest economy. California is the largest state economy in the United States. Los Angeles is the largest regional economy in the United States.
  2. Gateway cities such as Los Angeles tend to offer consistently strong long-term returns because of their higher barriers to entry.
  3. Los Angeles is shedding its reputation of “72 Suburbs in search of a city”. With a broad diversity of unique communities, the city is on the precipice of creating a new legacy, one offering substantially more opportunity than it has in the past.
  4. Having one of the highest levels of venture capital in the world, Los Angeles is well positioned to continue attracting international capital and investors.
  5. A 21st century melting pot representing every culture in Asia, Europe, South and Central America, Los Angeles has an exceptionally diverse population.
  6. A world centre of business, international trade, entertainment, culture, media, technology and education, Los Angeles’s stable job market employs over 5 million workers in multiple industry clusters.
  7. Los Angeles is home to young, highly educated creatives, in diverse fields, with innovative ideas – Nearly 25 percent of the city’s population is between the ages of 20 – 35 and more overseas students choose to study in Los Angeles than any other region in the United States.
  8. With a large, and growing rental market, Los Angeles has a large pool of renters from a broad and diverse demographic.
  9. Due to tight geography, limited land supply and challenging political constraints, Los Angeles is a difficult city in which to build new projects, creating opportunities to find underperforming properties for redevelopment – Yes, they do exist!
  10. And let’s not forget – THE CLIMATE IS GREAT!!!!


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