October 28, 2016


“Luxury” is an overused and clichéd term that has lost its shine in real estate. Everywhere you turn, there is yet another project being marketed as a “luxury property”, including luxury boutiques, apartments, condos, expansive estates, and everything in between. As the market continues to be saturated with such products, the standard of “luxury” has become normalized, the word has lost its meaning, and buyers have learned to dismiss the misnomer.

So when asked to describe a QUIGG home—a Centerpiece Home—we were presented with a challenge. How do we effectively describe a luxury home that distinguishes itself from the herd and adequately conveys the original and true meaning of luxury to even the most discerning homeowners?

To us, a Centerpiece Home is a thoughtfully designed sanctuary in which there are no mental or physical collisions; a place to come home to. It is defined by the following four core characteristics: construction quality, timeless design, livability, and location.



The construction must be executed with expert attention and craftsmanship precision, using only materials of the highest caliber. This quality standard is maintained throughout the entire home, as there are no “secondary rooms.” Rather, every square inch is crafted to represent construction excellence.


Every QUIGG home is bespoke. It must be custom designed for a particular homeowner and with careful consideration of the property’s unique surroundings. However, every home—regardless of size, scale, or style—must still showcase a design that is sophisticated, timeless, and innovative. Only by never sacrificing design excellence do we allow homeowners to value their home as a piece of art, thereby ensuring the ultimate luxury in their daily life.


Livability is of the utmost importance in QUIGG homes. Not only are the homes designed to be sophisticated, timeless, and innovative, they are also functional, livable, and comfortable. By seamlessly marrying aesthetic and function, we allow homeowners to exhale a sign of relief upon coming home.


Location, location, location. As a premier real estate brand we are focused on developing new construction homes in premium lifestyle cities. This means that our homes are situated in the most desirable locations that can’t be replicated elsewhere.

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