Robert's Story

Robert is many things, having been described as analytical, intense, driven, demanding, ruthless, brilliant, creative, cerebral and extremely hard-working, by friends and foes alike, as he carved his career from a poor upbringing in a small Pacific Northwest community to becoming a global entrepreneur.

A highly competent problem solver and visionary, Robert is a creative strategist who finds straightforward solutions to complex problems. A self-made, driven entrepreneur, who looks at issues critically and sceptically to find the best solutions to matters at hand, he is unencumbered by group think, or looking at the world as it should be. Robert is an independent, inquisitive and open-minded thinker, who deals with the world as it is, determining the appropriate course of action rationally and objectively.

Robert believes in taking big swings and creating radical transformation. Robert focuses on peeling away extraneous layers, emphasizing core values and defining drives, dreams and delusions. An unabashed optimist, Robert believes in living life well, taking risks and owning the upside and downside. He believes those blessed with a reasonable mental toolbox can achieve anything they want in life, if willing to pay the price of doing so, make hard decisions along the way and recognize that “I can do anything”, is very different from “I can do everything.”

Robert gets things moving in the right direction. He understands the challenges that come with operating businesses, the hard decisions that need to be made and why. If Robert is on your team, he is one-hundred percent committed and will do whatever it takes to find the right solution to your unique situation.

Robert advocates clarity of vision, long-term planning and accountability and never losing sight of the goal. Robert is not an outsider looking in, but an insider, someone who understands, has been there and can provide meaningful insight and guidance in all situations.

As both a creative and an executor, Robert is able to envision “What can be” and execute on that vision. Driven by greatness, Robert pursues excellence in all things and has a passion for changing communities, including the built form, the community narrative, and the lives of inhabitants. He believes true greatness can only be achieved by applying ruthless honesty to our stories and being true to who and what we are as individuals.

I have known Robert Quigg for close to two decades and can personally attest to his character, his creative ability, his attention to detail, and his non-compromising attitude towards executing greatness. His ability to make decisions and get things done is second to none.