Creating Excellence

International Property Awards Winner
Exterior of the Arglye building against a clear blue evening sky

Robert Quigg’s extraordinary vision and personal passion for excellence, creating greatness, and changing communities to better reflect those in which he would like to live, is reflected in all his development projects. As a market leader in luxury real estate, Robert does not shy away from reimagining established norms and never chooses to do things just because it’s “the way it’s always been done.”

Without a doubt, Robert Quigg is an individual of extraordinary ability whose vision, insight, and natural leadership abilities have led him to becoming an internationally renowned real estate developer.

KEITH HEMPHILL MRAIC, Rositch Hemphill & Associates Architects

Sharing the Vision

Having deep, unique skill sets in Negotiation, Acquisition, Planning, Design, Financing, Development and Construction across a broad swath of Real Estate sectors, earned over 30 years in the business, Robert has learned the hard lessons, so his partners and clients don’t have to.

Robert’s clients and partners engage the QUIGG team to effectively “be them” in their global real estate transactions, assimilating their needs / wants / desires and navigating the market on their behalf. A creative visionary who lives in the same world as his clients, when advising or partnering with high net-worth individuals and family offices, Robert saves them millions of dollars, and thousands of hours while ensuring their best interests are always first and foremost.

A private pool at a residence at nighttime.

I look forward to working with Robert again in the future and would highly recommend him and his organization.

Brian Hill Founder/CEO, Aritzia